Over a century of experience decorating lifestyles and designing imperishable ambiances. A definitive warranty that guarantees a great ceramic product of the maximum quality and beauty. GAYAFORES has established worldwide reaching over 80 countries spread over five continents. This becomes as well part of the GAYAFORES philosophy, and the daily effort to offer new possibilities and decorative solutions, adapted to the needs of the market, which aim is to contribute in improving the quality of life of the people that understand the ceramic tradition of GAYAFORES.


the company nowadays has 2 Production plants, already updated to the latest technologies and with a clear Goal in getting a “quality process and final product”, what has been awarded By getting the ISO 9001 Certification. Factory I, where are produced: Double Firing Wall tiles, and Complementary pieces, with an annual production of over 2 million m2, and in its new facility where the offices, warehouse and Factory II Are located, are produced three different product lines: Single firing White body Wall and Floor tiles, but also the line of Porcelain floor tiles, with an annual Production over 2,5 million m2. Nowadays, GAYAFORES has a global production Of over 18.000 m2/day, what eventually can be increased in accordance to Picking up demand punctual levels, what guarantees a “quality service”, as one Of the main strategic targets for the company.


raw materials. Just with the most advanced technologies added to a great background experience, and the selection of the best raw materials (glazes, clays, frits...), is possible to achieve a collection of products with high quality and beauty. In this sense, GAYAFORES makes an strict and exhaustive control in the reception and later use of those raw materials, what are controlled before and during the proper production process, in order to avoid contamination in any of the processes of the production.


commitment to quality. From its early years of existence in 1897, GAYAFORES got a clear target in offering a quality product, and the appropriate service required by the customers. This commitment and human effort, becomes nowadays an inherent part in the Quality Policy of GAYAFORES, and has been a major when establishing the business strategies of the company, what has finally been awarded by obtaining the ISO 9001 Certification to the Quality control systems of GAYAFORES.


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